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Campaign to save Thornhills (Clifton)

why this campaign?

About us

Thornhills is a hamlet in Clifton, Brighouse. The residents originally signed up to join the Clifton Village Neighbourhood Forum (CVNF) but Calderdale Council would not allow the CVNF to include our area (denying us Forum membership).

We are active members of the Clifton community, residents include members of the Clifton Village Community Association

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We are campaigning to save Thornhills from wholesale destruction by Calderdale Council


We accept some building is inevitable, but the scale and type proposed is disproportionate

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Calderdale's Climate Emergency


We find it perverse that Calderdale Council wants to destroy greenbelt, with all the ecological benefits of water retention, carbon capture and promoting a diverse wildlife. It’s even more confusing when you consider Calderdale declared a climate emergency at the start of 2019

a flawed case?

Calderdale Council wants to build 4,000 dwellings in South East Calderdale; we believe the case is flawed.

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Don't we need new homes?

right homes - right area

We’re not nimbys, we want to see the right developments in the right areas.


Local plan - Phase one (part two)

Calderdale’s Local Plan is still in the initial stages of examination. Despite the ‘fake news’ put out by the Council, it’s not going well for Calderdale. The Planning Inspector told Calderdale to review their housing/employment plans

There will be another round of consultations – we understand mid-January – on the revision to housing numbers. The Council had two options, increase the housing numbers or reduce their economic plan. Guess what, Calderdale plans to increase the housing numbers, optomistic or greedy?

There’s a simple decision to make here, can you trust the economic plan put forward by Calderdale and West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA)? 

WYCA has a funding problem, and they believe a ‘growth plus’ strategy will bring in the cash – problem is all 11 WYCA councils are chasing the same growth.